Social networks as anti-depressants

Most of the innovations in software come from the USA. The best software products are created in the US. The most popular social networks were invented in the US. Harvard’s most popular course is “How to be Happy”.

So what?

Everyone has some form of depression. More and more people spend more and more time in FaceBook, Twitter and the like. More and more people are looking for a virtual safety net. Small portion of the users of these networks are there either for business reasons or looking for sex partners. The vast majority of the users of these networks who are older than 22 years old are suffering serious form of depression without realizing this.

Billy Joel sang “It’s better than drinking alone …”

Social networks are hugely popular in the US. This hurt Prozac sales. If Twitter and FaceBook were not invented, American citizens would be buying more anti-depressants.

God bless America!


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