Getting ready for a Java technical job interview with President Obama

Passing a technical job interview is a challenge to most of the Java developers. Some people simply fail because they are not well prepared and questions like “What “s the difference between abstract classes interfaces? rdquo; puts them into a comatose state. In such cases Mr. President won ‘t help. But there is a large group of people who know the difference between abstract classes and interfaces, but still feel stressed and intimidated and can “t properly explain it to give the interviewer the confidence he “s looking for. The interviewer has only one thing in mind, “Can I trust a developer “s role on our project to this job applicant? rdquo;

There are people who always pass any interview with flying colors regardless if they know the difference between abstract classes and interfaces or not. And this is where you have to learn from President Obama, who is one of these guys.

This is what you do. Go to Youtube and start watching President Obama “s Statement on Lybia , but turn the sound off. He couldn ‘t explain why we needed to bomb Lybia anyway. But watch how he speaks and presents himself. People trust him no matter what he “s talking about. Now imagine that President Obama explains the difference between abstract classes and interfaces. I “m dead serious. Look at his body language, the posture, the pace of his speech.

Try to repeat it in front of the mirror. No, not about Lybia. About the difference between abstract classes and interfaces. Ask your spouse/girlfried/boyfriend to compare you and HIM. The closer you get the better your chances are of passing the Java interview with flying colors.

To illustrate my technique, I “ve recorded a short soundrack on abstract classes and interfaces. This soundtrack must be used while watching President Obama talking about Lybia.

If my technique will help you passing your next technical interview, please donate $50 to the charity of your choice.


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