Really cool Skype feature

I need to admit that I didn ‘t like the latest version of Skype (5.0). The new UI was not overly intuitive and I wasn getting angry at times for not being able to easily add a person to the conference call or the likes. But today they are forgiven. I found one little feature that it ‘s really cool. Let me share it with you.

Typically, when I ‘d misspell a work in chat message, I ‘d re-type this word and sent it as a separate message. Today I was chatting with my colleague and sent his a sentence with the word coolnes. A second I noticed that this word is misspelled, but was too lazy to re-type it. It ‘s my colleague, he ‘ll forgive me for this. Then, something weird has happened.

By accident, I hit the up-arrow on my keyboard whole the cursor was in the text field of Skype. All of a sudden the Genie…oops…a little window materialized offering me to edit the last message. I fixed the word coolness and ask my colleague how many ss ‘s he saw in the word coolness. He responded – two.

Wow! Skype made my day! They allowed me to edit the last message and auto-synced it with the recipient ‘s window. These little details are making regular applications stand out. When I shared my joy with my colleague, he casually said – you pressed that little pencil icon on the right side of the message. I swear, I didn ‘t pay attention to that pencil! Then he shared with me this link with other little tricks. Oh well, I didn ‘t RTFM, and probably won ‘t.

But hey, isn ‘t my little discovery uber cool? My kudos to Skype architects!


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