Bangalore is the Best Source of Java Programmers

When your organization starts looking for offshore Java developers, one of the most important concerns is if the developer can stay focused on work. And this is when Google Trends can become handy. Here ‘s a simple logic. Vast majority of the Java programmers are young males. What young males care about the most? You got it: sex. Go to Google trends entering just these two words: java, sex. Or just click on this link. Got the picture?

Based on this diagram don ‘t even think of hiring Java programmers from Warsaw or Delhi. Bangalore is the place to go! I ‘ve yet to decide on how to interpret the data from Japan, China, and Russia. While the Java/Sex ratio looks good there, but the pool of resources seem very limited. Do you agree with my scientific approach?

Google trends can give you some interesting food for thoughts, really. For example, my colleague Valery entered the following three words there: Obama, Osama, iPhone. The results are amazing – see for yourself.

Google Trends rules!


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