Preparing The Fourth Symposium on Enterprise Software

The Summer of 2011 is almost here, and Farata Systems has started working on the agenda of our fourth (!) annual symposium. But if the first, second, and third events were covering various aspects of enterprise development with Adobe Flex, this time we “ll cater to the wider audience and will rename it to Fourth Annual Symposium on Enterprise Software. The reason being that we are using so many different technologies in our daily work, that it “s just wrong to present ourselves as a Flex development shop.

Every year we start with putting together a list of suggested topics that Farata “s engineers want to present on. Here “s what we have so far (it “s subject to change):

Yakov Fain wants to deliver the following two presentations:

1. Networking WebSockets – the most interesting offering of HTML5

2. Hands-on Java EE 6 – the no-slides demo of programming Java with the current server-side technologies

Victor Rasputnis is heavily into Android these days and may talk about:

1. Squeezing Adobe AIR, BlazeDS, and Java inside Android

2. Something introductory about productive way of development for Android

Anatole Tartakovsky is obsessed with tablet devices and might talk about this :

1. Case Study: A salesman with Adobe AIR and a Tablet

2. Maintaining a single code base for Android and iOS applications

Possibly, yet another Viktor from Farata will talk about the automation of the functional testing of UI in Flex applications.

Now comes a one million dollar question. Who is this seminar for? This is a one-track/one-day event. In the past three years this event was aimed at Enterprise Flex developers. But what “s the profile of \an attendee who would want to hear all of the above? I “d call such a person a Current Enterprise Software Professional. This can be an enterprise architect or a developer from a startup. These days no one can survive by committing to any single programming platform. To become current, a technology stack of a seasoned professional must include more and more tools each year.

As usual, we “ll keep the price for this event anywhere between $100 and $150 just to ensure that random people won “t be in the room, but those who care can afford it. This amount will cover our expenses on renting a meeting place, serving lunch, and paying for the beer after the formal part is over.

The registration page will be up next week, and the event will take place in early August at the same venue in New York City. Meanwhile, we “d appreciate your suggestions regarding the content/organization of this event.


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