Thoughts While Watching Apple’s New iPad Presentation

I like Apple products. Our family of four owns nine of their devices. I’ll always respect Steve Jobs for being a visionary and improving our taste. And I’ve enjoyed his keynotes a lot.

Yesterday, I was watching Tim Cook’s presentation of the new iPad. I saw a gray-haired fit man in black moving on stage passionately talking about his company’s great products. The audience cheered him with applauds. It almost felt like watching Steve Jobs.

It’s clear that Tim Cook spent substantial time on improving his presentation skills and rehearsing his talk. Of course, he’s not as good as Steve Jobs just yet. He needed to add more drama to the talk and shouldn’t have revealed the iPad that soon. Of course, I missed that famous Steve’s “And one more thing…”

But overall, Tim Cook did great on stage. The company does great. As bad as it sounds, people will forget Steve Jobs soon. The crowd needs to be entertained and get fed with new cool toys. As long as Mr. Cook (and his team) will deliver, the crowd will admire him.

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi! The king’s dead. Long live the king!


One thought on “Thoughts While Watching Apple’s New iPad Presentation

  1. After Tim Cook’s show that night (in Paris), I also felt Apple was great and the iPad3 was revolutionnary, I was ready to pay 814 € to preorder a 64Gb & 4G version on the French Applestore.
    I’m glad I was holding back a little bit because everything was too sleek and Tim Cook was still not Steve Job yet as you seemed to say.
    It was a big buzz on many internet medias the next afternoon : the new iPad3 won’t work in 4G in France (and virtually nowhere in Europe) !
    Il will work only in 3G for compatibility.
    As you know in such a system, all features are holding together, one weak link will affect the whole. So I wait and see how what Apple is going to do about this.

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