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After years of running traditional in-classroom and online trainings “Intro to Java and Java EE” I decided to try something different: I’ll record training videos and will be publishing them once a week for free. These lessons will have references to my powerpoints, all classroom walkthrough, and each lesson will end with with the homework. Will you do the homework? It’s up to you. Most people won’t. As a matter of fact, most people wont’s even watch more than a couple of these video lessons. Is this too cynical? This is how free stuff works, and I’m perfectly fine with this. But.

But, there will be a small percentage of motivated people who really want to learn Java for finding well paid job whatever reason. These people need the instructor’s feedback. These people may even plan to do all the homework assignments. These people need to be able to interact with someone who’s more experienced in Java than there are. These people can purchase support for this course for a small fee.

This training will consist of 18 recorded videos, and the paid support will consist of the 18 corresponding online group sessions, where I’ll be answering questions and commenting on homeworks. Those who are interested in purchasing such support can register here (English speaking) or here (Russian speaking). If you’ll just want to watch the videos, subscribe to my youtube channel, where I’m publishing these videos in English and in Russian in parallel.

I know about this MOOC movement. I really like the fact that Coursera, Udacity and major universities publish videos of their lectures on different subjects. I don’t expect hundreds of thousands downloads of my videos. But I know for sure that I’m a really good and modest instructor. I explain stuff well. My Java video lessons will be competitive. Hope you’ll enjoy them too!


26 thoughts on “Free Java Training Videos

    1. Hello Yakov. Thank you for this decision. This is really good opportunity to me and I definitely sure not for me only ) Unfortunately I couldn’t took your online classes because of time shift zones. I’m on PST. And this opportunity is the real good chance to pick up new skills.
      Thank you again.

  1. Java EE means it’s web technology right? Can we run the lessons on one of the free hosts like Heroku, Amazon, Google AppEngine, openshift? Maybe you can earn a small commission or referral fee from one of the “free” hosts for us would-be developers that are going to turn pro?

    1. Java EE means server-side technology. For this training you’ll install the server on your local computer without my commissions.

  2. Hi, It is a good idea. It will definitely help in studying Java.
    I have started my way of learning Java from your books too. And today I think learning through video is more interesting than books.

  3. With 10 years of experience in coal mining in north Russia 🙂 i am not kidding, I could say Yakov is the best teacher, coach, trainer instructor out here.
    I took programming classes from him in PowerBuilder back in 1996 (I loved it) and Java in 1999 with no previous degree in any college, I have mastered Java skills by following Yakov advises in class and by reading his books. Worked successfully all this year in major financial companies as contractor and full time employees. Yakov is my teacher for live, I am returning to his blogs if I want to learn new technology and always will find pointers for myself what to do or study next. I will follow your video classes, I know that it will be interesting experience to watch your classes and I will learn something new for myself, or refresh what is forgotten.

    1. Hey, Albert!

      Long time no hear. I remember how after getting job offer(s) after my PowerBuilder class you called me. You said, “I believe you haven’t had students with such background as mine”. I answered, “You won’t surprise me – I turned many hairdressers and musicians into programmers”. Than you simply said, “For 10 years I was working as a miner in Vorkuta in USSR”. At that moment I realized that you’ll do fine in IT.

      All the best!

      1. I am a fortunate man because I met you. I am working right now on my 10th contract in my 17 years of experience in programming, completed countless number of projects. Mostly getting job offers after the first interview, Once I got the contract at BEAR(when it was alive) after only phone interview, no face to face, I love what I am doing, I am living in a dream. All credits go to you.

        1. Thanks, but it takes two to tango.:)
          I’m recording audio podcasts in Russian at Young kids in SNG believe that people can work as programmers if they’re younger than 35. Let’s talk on Skype and record and publish the audio of this conversation – you’ll tell your story.

  4. I went to your yt channel to check out Java videos and I stumbled upon your Advanced Intro to JS – it’s by far the best thing on JS I’ve found. Thank you so much for sharing these easy (to understand) explanations on hard concepts. If I get to JCrete this summer (which means I made some extra cash programming) I’m buying you a dinner!
    Cheers man

  5. Hi Yakov, my company ( has created several videos which are available on Youtube and I thought might be interesting to your readers. One focuses on ExtJS and ElasticSearch and building enterprise application ( the other is our open source Ideasharing software ( We also have this cloud taxonomy site that people seem to love (

    Please let me know if you or your readers find these valuable…..

  6. Hey there. I subscribed to your youtube channel hoping to watch the videos, only to find most of them are in Russian and unfortunately I don’t speak Russian. Where can I find those.


  7. Are these lessons kind of those you made in-classrooms? Do you plan to make online consultations in future?

  8. Hi Yakov, Still how many years JAVA will be in trend. any idea? And what is your thought about enterprises moving towards cloud?

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