JavaScript for Java/C#/C++ Developers

This year I’m planning to run a one day workshop at a couple of software development conferences and privately for IT shops. The goal is to introduce JavaScript and related technologies to developers that are accustomed to developing in classical object-oriented languages like Java, C++ or C#. Below is the outline of this workshop.

Part 1. JavaScript Building blocks

* Functions, Objects, Prototypal Inheritance,Closures
* Using Chrome Developer Tools
* JavaScript in the Web Browser, DOM, CSS.
* New JavaScript: an overview of selected ECMAScript 6 features.

Part 2. Designing Single-Page Web Applications

* Web app prototyping. Designing a Product page of an online auction using Pure JavaScript and CSS.
* Responsive Web Design. CSS Media Queries. Redesigning the Product page for smart phones and tablets by adding CSS Media Queries. Our Product page will look like this.
* Single-Page Applications. AJAX.
* The Bootstrap framework. Responsive GUI components. Fluid grids. Yet another redesign of the Product page by using responsive Bootstrap components.

Part 3. Productive JavaScript development with Google Dart

* Getting familiar with the Google Dart language. Classes, top-level functions.
* Dart Tooling. Dartium VM. Dart Editor IDE. Dart to JavaScript Compiler. Package manager pub.
* Re-creating the Product page in Dart + Bootstrap. JavaScript generation and deployment.


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