Verizon or Cingular?

My mobile phone contract with VerizonWireless ends soon and I need to decide if I should stay with them or switch to Cingular. This weekend five of us went salmon fishing, and I’ve been bothering each of my friends with the same questions: who’s your provider and how do you like the service.

I’ve been with Verizon for about 10 years and they were providing the best coverage in the USA, but… they are still using CDMA, while it’s cool to have GMS (which is used by Cingular) and reuse your phone around the world (Europe in particular). Also, several of my colleaugues bought a nice phone called RAZR (btw, it’s a Java phone), and are very happy with it. So before going on my fishing trip I was almost certain that I’ll switch to Cingular.

Here’s what has happened during this trip to lake Ontario. We’ve caught a couple of 20Lb salmons and were cutting them into pieces. Blood was everywere, and my friend was putting the salmon’s head into a ziplock bag when his Cingular phone rang. His hands were dirty, so I picked up the phone. This was his wife (needless to say that we do not take our wives for fishing). I started the conversation like this: “Your husband is all covered with blood and he’s putting the head into a bag… “. The next thing I see is the message: “Call failed! ” Luckily, he was able to find a spot in the area with a decent signal and called his wife back explaining that he’s fine, and that I was talking about the fish 🙂 It may sound funny, but his wife got scared…

After this episode, I was not so sure about Cingular.

My other friend had his laptop with him equipped with a broadband VewizonWireless connection, which is fun! As a matter of fact, I’m typing this blog sitting at the back seat of the car moving at the speed of 80Mph. I was getting an Internet connection from 15 Kbs in the middle of nowhere to 1.5 Mbs in NYC Since I usually spend about 3 hours on the bus daily, it may make my commute even more productive

I guess, I’ll stay with Verizon and will keep buying the calling cards while in Europe. The only thing that stops me is a fee of $70 a month (with taxes) for unlimited Internet.

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