Seeing Michelangelo

I religiously go to see Michelangelo every six weeks. I’m a changed person after these visits.

Marella Michelangelo is and old Italian barber. He owns a barbershop in the bus terminal in Manhattan.

Mr. Michelangelo remembers every client and how do they like their hair to be cut. We do not talk much. He goes, “Number four as usual? “. I say, “Yes, please “. Twenty minutes later I pay $13 for the job and leave $3 tips.

My wife complains that he always removes a little bit too much hair on my right side. She say, “Please, next time you go there, ask him to leave more hairs there “. But I won’t tell him this. Why? BECAUSE YOU DO NOT TELL MICHELANGELO HOW TO DO HIS JOB!


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