New Google offerings

If you think that business is primary and technology is secondary,it’s sooo pre-Googlish… Take an ounce of a great search engine, add some great mapping technology, mix it with Web Services, and this will change the way people do business, and will lead to creation of new businesses.

Check out the Google Base Beta site. First, click on Jobs link. Specify the function, geogaphical area, and here you go: the relevant ads from different search engines and the familipa google map with great tool tips.

Now select the Housing link, and search for your next home, appartment, or list yours for sale. Clean and simple interface, convenient maps, just really cool.

Need to find a blog? No problem. Search by Author, select Other, type in Yakov Fain…Oops. Not found. It’s a Beta version, you know 😦

I’ll wait…

Now let’s move to a more romantic site called Google Romance. Find your soulmate for tonight in 8 simple steps. How sweet!

The only think that bother’s me a little, is the Google Romance Press Release is dated April 1. I guess, this time they are pulling my leg. But with Google, I do not mind being an April fool.

Here’s one more: do not forget to try the new Google’s calendar.


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