Buying software at academic prices

Today we “ve had an interesting conversation with our colleagues. Joe has mentioned that he “s purchased a particular software on eBay. This software is available for a really low academic price for teachers and students, and his wife is a teacher. But Joe said that since he “s the one who needs the software, he “s uncomfortable using the software purchased by his wife. Actually, he impressed me even more: he “s purchased two copies of this software for both of his laptops. My other co-worker said, “I with Joe on this one. Both of us used to work for a very large software development company, and we knew how much money that company had lost because of the software piracy rdquo;.

Then I “ve asked them a question about myself, “During the day I work as a Java consultant, but I “m also an adjunct professor at a university. Can I purchase software at academic prices if it does not relate to my Java courses that I teach? rdquo; I am a faculty with a valid university ID. This is kind of a grey area hellip; Do you know the answer to this question? Do you even bother asking yourself such a question?


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