Yakovs diet: drink beer!

I’m about 6 feet tall, and my weight was 185 pounds two months ago. During my annual physical exam, my doctor said that I need to lose some 10-15 pounds.While earning my degree in Applied Math, I studied The Law of Large Numbers, and because of this law I can’t trust any diet: the number of people participated in studies is very small. If something works for a group of 2000 people, it does not mean that it’ll work for you. But I have my little non-scientific theory that is based strictly on my gut feeling and results that I could see within the last two months.

Now about the important stuff: I like beer and Leffe beer in particular. It’s the best reasonably priced Belgium monastery ale ($8 for a six pack). So I definitely did not want to stop drinking beer to lose weight, so I did not. I’m not a big fan of working out in gyms either. Have you seen these ladies right after a workout? They look as if they were raped 10 minutes ago. Anyway, if gym works for you, great, keep going there. It’s just not my way. You heart is capable of only so many beats. Why making it beat faster in the gym and wasting the beats by moving iron from one place to another? Do you think that you car will last longer if you’ll drive it for extra half an hour three times a week ? I doubt it. Just relax, take it easy, and enjoy you life.

Here’s what I did to control my weight: I replaced my morning bagel with a small pack of unsalted cashew nuts, during the lunch I minimized noodles/pizza/rice/potatoes consumption, and I eat only healthy multi-grain bread. Chinese food and any soda drinks are our of the picture. Diet drinks are even worse – they replace sugar with some chemicals. Fat free products is nonsense.

During the dinner I eat fish or meat, a salad and either a glass of red wine or two beers. I usually have an ice cream for dessert (I like the Klondike Original bars). I eat slow. People keep feeling hungry during the first 20 minutes after they start eating no matter how much food they consume. So do not rush. Enjoy your meal.

You should eat junk food once in a while, just to make sure that your body won’t lose immunity as you may find yourself in a place where a healthy food is simply not available. Visit McDonalds 3-4 time a year, and always get yourself popcorn with soda in a movie theatre.

To make the long story short, I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 months. Hence my little discovery: the beer belly has nothing to do with the beer! Apparently, some other people came to the same conclusion after conducting expensive studies or watching beer commercials.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you MUST purchase the scales and check your weight religiously twice a day. If you see that you’ve gained a pound since yesterday, just drink one beer instead of two, or rather skip the Klondike. As simple as that.

Any weight loss programs exists for only one reason: they want your money. But the ultimate recipe is very simple: keep your mouth shut. But if you can’t zip it up, just use my diet. I do not sell you anything, but rather share what I’ve learned. Will it work for you? I have no clue as I am not a dietician. But it’s definitely worth trying!


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