Todays morning commute

I got goose bumps at 7AM while walking to the bus stop. Did I charge the battery yesterday? Of course not!

My laptop was dead, and I had an hour to kill on the bus. I have the Newsweek magazine, but it was meant to be read on the subway in the City…

To make things worse, this business lady took the seat next to me… She had a purse, a second bag and a paper cup with hot coffee in one hand. Actually, business women in NYC often carry a third little paper bag from Gucci, Prada or Chanel : they keep their sandwiches there. During the next ten minutes this lady was trying to settle down. Remember, all this time she kept the coffee in one hand, while the other hand was scrolling through the emails in her blackberry, five times wiped off some invisible coffee spills, found the reading glasses somewhere deep in the bag standing on the floor. How these ladies can find ANYTHING in these bags with one hand? Finally, she extracted one of these books by Danielle Steel that are being sold in every kiosk, and calmed down.

The Newsweek magazine has the right mixture of the info and mercial. This issue featured an article on Web 2.0. It looks like the .com era is coming back. These young kids keep coming up with simple but bright ideas, create web sites and in no time millions of users supply content for them.

This got me thinking again… I have so many thought in my head each morning, why none of them turns me into a millionaire? Maybe its the age? My 40+ brain keeps running one thread in the backgrownd all the time. Here’s the code snippet from this thread:

public void run(){





If you remember, Sun Microsystems has deprecated the Java method Thread.stop() long time ago. You know why? Because you can’t just kill this freaking thread! But young guys who did not even start it, have a better chance of generating new ideas.

The other article was about illeagal immigrants in the USA. Some crazy congressman Tancredo is offering fighting with 12 million of illegal immigrants (mainly from Mexico) who are routinely crossing the border to work in the USA. Someone suggests to build a 700-mile fence on the border with Mexico…You can’t be serious! It ain’t Israel and these guys are not coming to our country to blow themselves up in a supermarket! They come to work for us, just leave them alone…

Since I finished the magazine on the bus, I picked up this free newspaper at the subway entrance, which also had a piece on illegal immigrants. New York City’s mayor Bloomberg is Jewish, which often mean smart and pragmatic. Here’s what he says about these politicians, “I wonder what world they live in? You’re not going to deport 12 million people, so let’s stop this fiction. Let’s give them permanent status “.

This reminded me an old joke:

God calls in a Catholic priest, a Russian Orthodox priest and a Jewish rabbi and tells them, I do not like the way your people live. They molest kids, drink too much, cheat on their wives… I give you two months. If I do not see improvements, I’ll flood the Earth with water. After that one priest gathered his people and asked them to stop cheating and molesting, the other one asked his followers to stop drinking, and the rabbi gathered all the Jews and simply told them, “People, we have only two months to learn how to live under the water. ”



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