Commuters rules

Every morning I take a bus that gets me from New Jersey to Manhattan. The bus is comfy, I have my laptop with me so I can do some reading/coding/writing/listening. I know some people who take the same bus for years. This morning I’ve had a small talk with one of them while waiting for the bus. When we’ve boarded the half-empty bus, I took a seat and this guy told me (as usual), “It’s nice seeing you, Yakov ” and took another seat… two rows down.

When this happened for the first time, I was wondering why he did not sit down next to me taking the risk of having some fat snoring commuter as a neighbor later on? After a while, I realized that that by doing so he respects my privacy and does not want to change my (and his) plans for this commute. That’s why I did not waste my time talking to him, but had a chance to write this interesting blog post 🙂 During the next 30 min I’ll be doing some technical writing for work.

Here’s my tip for commuters: to eliminate the possibility of having a large person on the seat next to me, I usually pick a petite-size woman and take a seat next to her even if the bus is still half-empty.

Enjoy the ride!


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