On importance of book titles

How do I make a decision to purchase a book?

1. If I know the keywords (Java, .Net, SQL), I search online, read the book description, 3-4 reviews and click that button.

2. I go to my local Barnes amp; Noble bookstore and pick up some books from the shelves. I pick the books either from a well known publisher/series, or the ones with intriguing title. I may not purchase them eventually, but at least they have a chance.

Yesterday I went to B amp;N and after my usual scan of the Java section, I noticed a small red book on the top shelf (not a prime location) that put a smile on my face and I picked it up. The title was just brilliant:

“My Job Went To India and All I got was this lousy book. 52 ways to save your job “.

Our B amp;N has a large area where people just sit and read the books. If they like it, they buy it (sometimes from the Amazon), if not they put it back on the shelf.

I skimmed through this book and did not purchase it. The author was not able to sell me any of his ideas/advises. This book had some not too practical recommendations on managing your career and scattered bits and pieces on author’s experience in establishing a software shop in India. The author spent there a year and a half, but unfortunately did not have much to share.

So even though B amp;N is more expensive than online stores, it gives you a chance to check out a book…and not purchase it.

But that title was just perfect , and I’m sure many copies of this book will be sold (mostly online though). I take my hat off to the publisher of this book.


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