After the first meeting of the Prinecton JUG

Yesterday, We “ve had our first meeting which went really well. More than fifty people have already subscribed to our group mailing list and a couple of dozens Java developers actually attended the meeting. There was an abundance of pizzas, book raffles, a technical presentation, and most importantly, people spent some time talking to each other before and after the presentation. It “s all about networking, isn “t it?

These are some comments/questions/suggestions that people made yesterday :

– What can I get for myself from such gatherings?

Five minutes after asking this question, this person won a free book 🙂

– I equally hate Java and C#

No comment

– We had a similar JUG in North Jersey, but we did not have enough speakers so it ended.

These people had to drive for an hour and a half to come to our meeting yesterday. You do not have to have well known speakers to run a JUG. If a couple of people can prepare a 30 minutes presentation each on something that they “ve learned and researched, you can call a JUG meeting.

– What Steve Benfield is doing these days? Is he still with SilverStream?

No he “s not. He “s into AJAX now.

– We “d like to learn more about the software that is available out there. Especially open source tool. What “s their recommended usage and how to bring them together in the same project?

This is a topic that interests many developers. I started some informal discussion of the subject in my series of Gas Station articles, and will plan some review session next year in our JUG.

But here’s the question I liked the most:

– How can I help you?

I’ll ask this person to create a Web site for our JUG

Anyway, it was a great start and I “ll be happy to see more people in the future sessions of the Princeton JUG. The next one will take place at the end of January 0f 2006.


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