Gently starting converting programmers to Java

There are two major indicators of a health of a Java job market: calls from recruiters and training enrollment.

Last year, every Java developer started receiving calls from recruiters, which was not the case from 2001 to 2003. This was the first sign that Java market is recovering. But I was waiting for people “s emails asking about enrollment to my Java training classes. Back in the nineties I “ve converted many PB/VB/Cobol programmers to Java, but in 2001 I had to stop: there was no demand. Now I “m getting training requests again. People are finally convinced that it “s time to wake up, do some studying and make a career move in Java direction.

I “m planning to start by forming a small group of motivated people having a couple of years of the real-world experience developing business applications in other languages. Here “s another pre-requisite: the knowledge of basic Java elements covered in my first 17 lessons. This training will be about designing and developing server side Java applications. This weekend-only program will be custom-made for each group. Classes will take place in

Central Jersey. This training will be targeted to one goal: finding a job as Java developer. Having said all that, I neither promise nor guarantee employment. I’ll just to help my students in getting the skills that are in demand today.


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