Next Meeting of the Princeton JUG

Our next meeting will take place on January 24 at 7PM at the same

place (at Infragistics).

Elliotte Rusty Harold will present on the following:

RSS, Atom, OPML, and All That: a Course for Developers

This is more of an XML than Java specific topic, but is a really hot and

interesting for any Web developer. Elliotte is an XML expert and

author of multiple books

Here’s an abstract:

RSS, Atom, OPML, and All That: a Course for Developers

XML based syndication is moving from its foundations in weblogs to

unexpected arenas: source code control systems, audio narrowcasts,

e-mail, bug tracking, stock tickers, and more. News readers like

Vienna, NetNewsWire, RSSOwl, and Newsgator are replacing classic web browsers

for many uses. This session explores the fundamental technologies

underlying this explosion of content: the various versions of RSS,

OPML, Atom, and the Atom Publishing Protocol. Learn the tricks and techniques

for integrating these XML applications into your products as both

clients and servers.

As usual, I’ll be raffling off some free books.

Live in New Jersey and not a member of the Princeton JUG? Big mistake. Huge 🙂

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