Why Open Source training is so expensive?

I decided to sign up for JBoss, Hibernate and Spring training classes and checked the prices offered by the vendors of these products.

Let “s go to Hibernate.org.

Four days of JBoss training would cost me:

in New York $3250, in London 2150 pounds, in Paris 2500 euros,

I found the great deal: in Cape Town the early bird tuition is only $1600 for four days of JBoss! Check the prices for the air tickets, and kill two birds with one stone: visit South Africa and learn the basics of JBoss.

Two days of Hibernate training would cost me:

in New York $2250, in London on January 24-25 it “s $2600!!! Hey guys, come to New York. Everything is dirt cheap in America! The English language will be a little weird to your ear, but you “ll visit New York in addition to learning Hibernate!

In Paris, they need three days to teach Hibernate and charge 1495 euros for this. Are Parisians slow learners? Just kidding, I love Paris!

Now let “s look at the “Spring Framework from the source rdquo; at springframework.com.

Four days of training in London in February will cost you 1990 pounds. In Norway, the same course (after converting the currency) will cost you $3667. But if you “ll register by January 20, you “ll save $600. Sweet, isn “t it?

So $9000 and two weeks later, I can become a junior JBoss, Hibernate and Spring developer. I wonder how much such training costs in India? I wonder if I’ll be better off flying for two weeks to India to learn these tools and visit this beautiful country? Do not be surprised if one day such trips for software training will become a routine procedure.

These “open source rdquo; prices are ridiculous. I wonder what “s the rationale behind setting the prices that high?


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