Whats better, Phillips or a flat screwdriver?

I know, it “s a stupid question, but … Once in a while someone mentions .Net as a popular technology with big market demand. CNN has published an online article “5 Careers: Big Demand, Big Pay rdquo;, and in the Technology section they wrote that .Net skills are in big demand, which most likely, is right.

Unfortunately, some people from the Java community assume that Java always has to be mentioned in the same paragraph as .Net (if this is a positive publication). There is a discussion on one of the popular Java forums, where people blame the CNN journalist for not understanding the subject. Why can “t we (Java developers) just accept the fact that .Net is a serious and popular technology that is here to stay, and we do not have to feel offended when .Net receives compliments? Yes, they did not mention Java in that article, but this does not makes Java weaker, and Java job market is great. Do you really think that this article will become a reason for some business managers to switch from Java to .Net?

I “m sure, tonight, over the dinner some parents will tell their kids something like “Mary go and study .Net. CNN says it “ll get you $85K a year rdquo;. Are we (Java developers) afraid of this? No, I “m not afraid. And I “m not offended. Even though I will stay in the Java camp, but I wish .Net all the best. I feel strong about Java, and articles like CNN “s one do bother me at all.


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