$90K-$125K a year job

Below is a job description I’ve received yesterday. I really wish this recruiter good luck in finding a person with all these qualifications, who’s ready to work in expensive San Diego with a net monthly income of $5500. The best part in this ad is is that this superstar will be allowed to work with senior engineers (I assume they are super-duper stars). If anyone wants this job, and can explain why, I’ll get you in touch with the recruiter.

This job requirement serves as a good illustration of why AJAX programming will remain a skill set of elite. It’s just way too much to know for an average software developer. But if you’re up to the challenge and have all the skills listed below, you can make a quick buck this year (much better than $125K) while the AJAX hype still going strong.

On the side note, we are trying to find good Swing developer (just expert level Swing skills and nothing else), paying similar salary range. No luck so far… There are plenty of Java experts, but they do not not Swing well enough, which is a logical result of the fact that desktop programming has been the Cinderella of Java for too long.


Your Role

We’re looking to hire a Senior Eclipse Engineer that will be a key member of

our extremely bright and small developer team. We only hire superstars

and we’re working on some groundbreaking technology in the AJAX space.

Our company is venture-funded and located in San Diego, CA.

What You’ll Do

As a key member of the team, you’ll be responsible for configuring, integrating, deploying, testing, packaging, upgrading defining, prototyping, and developing techniques and applications for state-of-the-art web development tools.

Candidates should have experience developing state-of-the-art, interactive user interfaces using technologies such as AJAX/_JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, and C#. Expert experience with the Eclipse development environment is a must and your having written extensions to Eclipse is preferable..


As a member of our small team, you will work closely with senior software engineers to create developer tools and other related technologies.

Job Qualifications

Expert in _JavaScript

Track record of developing Eclipse plugins

Experience with Eclipse graphical frameworks: SWT and JFace

Expert Java design and development knowledge


Systems concepts, including multithreading, remote procedure calls, compilation/translation, including parsing, optimization, and code generation.

Traditional static web technology, including HTML and CSS.

Client-side dynamic web technology (AJAX), including _JavaScript, DHTML and DOM.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field.

Familiarity with other popular web app frameworks, including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET.

Connected to the development community through forums, blogs, user groups, etc.

Skills: JAVA Expert

C++ Expert

AWT Expert

_JavaScript Expert

J2EE Helpful

HTTP Expert

SQL Expert

Servlets Expert

UI Expert

_JavaScript Expert

Win Expert

ASP Helpful

JSP / EJB Helpful

Apache Expert

Tomcat Expert

JAVA Applets Expert

XML/XSL Expert

SOAP Expert

DOM Expert


TCP/IP modules Expert

Sockets Expert

Desirable (not required) Qualifications

Gecko/Mozilla/FireFox hacking.

Experience in developing a Eclipse RCP-based product

Experience in building developer tools

Skilled in object-oriented design techniques (e.g. Design Patterns)

Use of agile development methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc.) and unit testing

Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other graphics editors

Experience with DHTML, CSS, SVG, and the like

Technical leadership or management experience

Have worked on open source projects, preferably your own

Understand first hand the pains of building a large scale web application


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