Outsourcing lives

Please read this article published by LA Times.

The author writes : “Surrogate mothers in India are a bargain for foreigners, and the women reap a bonanza. But some observers say they pay a price hellip;. If everything goes according to plan, Mehli, 32, will deliver a healthy baby early next year. But rather than join her other three children, the newborn will be handed over to an American couple who are unable to bear a child on their own and are hiring Mehli to do it for them.

She’ll be paid about $5,000 for acting as a surrogate mother, a bonanza that would take her more than six years to earn on her salary as a schoolteacher in a village near here. rdquo;

Many of the statements from this article apply to IT outsourcing as well, for example:

“It’s a nine-month gig, no special skills needed, and the only real labor comes at the end “.

As the outsourced mother put it in this article:

“Beyond the money, she said, there is the reward of bringing happiness to a childless couple in the United States, where such a service would cost them thousands of dollars more rdquo;. You can replace the words “a childless couple rdquo; with anything else (i.e. “mediocre IT managers ” ) and the statement will still hold true.

What’s next? How about war outsourcing? For example, instead of sending American soldiers to Iraq, let’s pay Indian military men, say $20K a year a piece. Will they be happy to die for us for this much? I do not know what would be the right price, but I vote for 100% outsourcing of this dead end project.


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