Need a surgery? Come with your own scalpel

In Ukraine, if you need to undertake a surgery, you have to check in to a hospital with a bag of your own supplies (so much for free medicine). The USA is not Ukraine, but the trend is the same: this article states that “Gartner, Inc. has come up with six trends of its own for 2006 and beyond. By 2008, the consultancy says, 10 percent of companies will require employees to purchase their own notebook computers “. This particular job ad specifically requires that consultants must have their own laptop.

How nice. To help your employer a little more, I’d also recommend that each programmer should purchase this piece of furniture

It also would not hurt to carry this portable folding device. It’s a little bulky though, and may not fit in the train during morning rush hours.

Forget about commuting to work with a newspaper and a lunch box. Get this bag.

I do not mind buy my own laptop and use it for work if my client/employer lets me work from home. But if you expect me to work in your office, please provide all necessary office supplies.


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