JavaOne notes. Partying

After the opening session, I’ve attended one hands-on lab on performance tuning, the gave and took an interview at the Java Community Corner and attended the session on Java 5 concurrent utilities.

This year’s JavaOne attendance must be the best ever. I have my own little indicator: Sys-Con Media put 6000 May’s issue of JDJ on the stands with publications. By the end of day all magazines were gone.

In the morning, one of the presenters said that if you had a lunch with someine you know, take away a point for this day. You must meet new people! The next important task was to attend as many parties as possible. I had plans for four, but managed to attend only three.

The first one was a cocktail reception for the press at 5PM. This was a really interesting gathering. I’ve chatted with John Rizzo, the creator of, Matthew Schmidt from JavaLobby, Alan Holub, a very respectful Java author, Bill Roth and Patrick Linskey from BEA. This girl reporter from New Zeland have asked me if I am from France. I took it as a compliment. If these people left James Gosling at least for a minute, I’d talk to him as well…not this time. Because of the time conflict I did not go to the bloggers’ beer party…

The second one was the Parasoft’s party at 7PM. This was also a good one, but more business oriented.

The Tangosol’s party started at 9PM. I liked this one as well: about 200 people showed up. I had a chance to talk to Rick Ross from JavaLobby, Frank Greco from New York Java SIG… About midnight, we’ve started a technical discussion with Tangosol’s Cameron Purdy about existing solutions for implementing predictable and fast distributed cache.

Someone told me a horror story about a company that invited people to their party and started with the demo of their product. Big mistake. Huge.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with three vendors, attending four technical sessions and another party in the evening.

John Rizzo has told me earlier that my suggestions on improvement of his Web site are welcomed. Here’s the first one: people who managed to attend 5 JavaOne parties in one evening automatically receive Java Black Belt regardless of the number questions they’ve got wrong on multiple choice exam.


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