Carcast #6: Keep yourself in shape in software

This is a link to the audio of my carcast #6 . The covered topics are:

1. P/E and ROI in software training. My upcoming training classes on Adobe Flex:

Intro to Flex 2 at NYU :

A week of intense Flex training in November:

2. Discount coupon for a one day seminar “RealWorld Java ” in NYC.For JUG members the discounted rate for this event is $395, which is less than half price – do not ask me why the list price is so high. To get this discount, enter the coupon code “JUGgold ” while registering

3. AJAX ndash; there is no way to stop the water, you can just redirect it.

Top 115 (!?) AJAX frameworks

4. Salesmen is not a profession, it “s a diagnosis. “They typically do better on tasks that involve spoken language and memorization than on visual-spatial tasks such as writing and drawing. Affected individuals have outgoing, engaging personalities and tend to take an extreme interest in other people. rdquo; This quote is taken from the Web site describing Williams Syndrome .

5. A great little book: Java Phrasebook

Cheat sheets on working with collections, files, threads, Web servers, DBMS, regular expressions, reflections and a lot more.

6. A smart move ndash; open sourcing JavaFX compiler ndash; OpenJFX Compiler Project


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