Me no understanding you

Once upon a time, there was a country called Soviet Union, where Russian was an official language. It had 15 republics, and people in some of these republics spoke broken Russian and, in some situations they ‘ve tried to take advantage of it. For example, in the army or at work, when your commander gives you an assignment that you did not do right, they ‘d pretend that it happened because of the language barriers. Apparently, they did not understand what was expected from them. Me no understanding you. “Moya tvoya ne ponimaj “.Everyone knew that it was BS, but…

Last month set up a group at LinkedIn called “Adobe Flex Experts “. Description of this group reads:

“This group includes experienced enterprise RIA developers specializing in Adobe Flex and AIR. To join this group, you have to have a blog with Flex or AIR technical content. ”

More than a half requests to joins coming from India are from people who don ‘t have blogs. Is this the same game “me no understanding you? ” Shouldn ‘t be the case because most of these people understand English better than me. So why is this happening? I clearly stated that I want to create a community of Flex professionals that are not just geeks, but people that give back to the community by blogging about Flex. It does not mean that they are the best Flex programmers in the world, but I just wanted to create a group of active Flex developers who care about the community too.

A hundred people joined within a month, and I rejected about the same number of requests to join for one simple reason – these people didn ‘t have Flex related blogs. I ‘m wondering is this a cultural thingy to try to get in no matter what?

Today posted an ad that we are looking for an experienced software developer. Included the following statement, “Experience with Eclipse plugin development is a must “. The guy from India sends me a resume that has everything but Eclipse plugin development “.

It irritates me because I just don ‘t have time to read all these resumes. As a matter of fact I stopped reading them. Quick Ctrl-F followed by the skill that is a must following by a click on the button Trash. Takes me 15 sec get rid of this candidate.

Does this strategy works? Does just massive bombarding people with the resumes finally bring the results? Is this the reason why India dominates in the outsourcing market too? Just set the goal and go for it. Every rejection brings you closer to the goal. May be it is the way to go?

Me no understanding you…


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