My upcoming speaking engagements

In the upcoming six months of 2017 I’ll be speaking at the following conferences:

1. BuzzJS, New York City, January 27, 1 talk

2. DevNexus, Atlanta, February 22-24, 2 talks

3. DevoxxUS, San Jose, March 21-23, 2 talks

4. Angular Summit, Chicago, May 10-11, 8 talks (my personal record!)

5. JEEConf, Kiev, Ukraine, May 26-27, TBD

6. JCrete, Crete, Greece, July 17-21, TBD

Hope to see you at one of these events!


4 thoughts on “My upcoming speaking engagements

  1. Yakov, maybe it makes sense to organize online stream of upcoming angular 2 workshop due to the political conflict and the risks associated with the arrival to Ukraine from Russia? I would love to have taken part in the event and would pay full price.
    Another question: Is it possible to purchase a copy of the course Developing Angular 2 applications. Advanced topics?
    P.S. thank you for Your book on Angular2 development with Typescript. High quality work!

  2. Did you mean “Online Angular workshops for your organization”? They are more suitable for residents of the USA and region, IMHO, due to Pacific time and good verbal English needed without recording sessions, as I understand it.
    And it is not clear how to obtain information about the date of the next event.
    Maybe guys from “Front End Science” will be able to organize streaming and sale of casting? I wrote them a question…
    This would be cool not for me only, but for Russian-speaking specialists, living in post USSR… Angular is a hot topic now and there is lack of good courses now.
    I found only. I finished it already, but it was live-coding in practice, more deeper and structured information needed.

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