JBuilder 2007 – they must be crazy

It looks like Borland could not find a buyer for their IDE division, and they ‘ve released a new Eclipse-based version of Java IDE – JBuilder 2007. They will TRY TO SELL different version of this product, and the Enterprise Edition costs $1999 (?!). They must be crazy. For only two grand it offers “velocity with Visual EJB and web services GUIs, provides balance, enabling management of complex projects across locations with P2P and TeamInsight, and gives organizations confidence to develop with open source tools and plug-ins “. This is not even funny.

The only reason Joe Shmo, the CIO of an enterprise Java shop might purchase this product from Borlad is that Joe plays golf with one of the Borland Executives and wants to do him/her a favor. I personally do not even have time to try it even if they ‘d given it to me for free.

Borland used to produce the best Java IDE several years ago. But the world is different now. Get real guys.


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