What can go wrong when you fly from Paris

I love France and go there at least once a year. I also like Air France, but once in a while I hear this unpleasant announcement…The Air France flight # 1234 is operated by Delta Airlines. Delta ‘s service sucks. TV sucks. Flight attendants are old. Food sucks. After enjoying French food for a week, even a smell of Delta Air ‘s food makes me wanna puke. I never eat this junk – I buy food for the airplane in advance in Parisian grosseries.

During the last couple of years Delta is fighting bankruptcy. Finally, there is a buyer – US Airways . But when it rains, it pours. Delta was making many wrong decisions, and one of the recent one was a multi-million IT outsourcing deal with sharks from IBM. Recently I had a chance to work very close with an IT team from IBM Professional Services. I was not impressed. Years ago IBM was mainly a hardware/software company. It seems that they found a way to make easy money by selling highly overpriced consulting services. Now Delta can regret that they went into this engagement.

I ‘ll keep my fingers crossed – I really want Delta to stop screwing up my Paris after taste and disappear from my itineraries.


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