Where to get topics for your blog

Recently I ‘ve got an email from a person saying that he created his personal blog, and was wondering if I could have suggested a topic to blog about.

IMHO, there is no need to search for topics. Just listen, look and pay attention to what ‘s happening around you. For example, five minutes ago I was passing by a cubicle where one Indian asked another, “How was your Christmas? “. A regular person would not pay attention, but a blogger would immediately blog. It can be something like this:

Any religion (don ‘t confuse with faith) is business. And as such, it becomes a part of our lifes. Retailers capitalize big time on the Christmas season craze – people MUST buy gifts. In New York, you can find tons of small stores own by muslims that decorated their windows with Christmas trees and Hanukah candles. It ‘s business. Technically, every corporation does the same thing in their offices. Christmas is a good topic for a small talk between colleagues. Christmas is a good reason to pick up your ass and get your kids to see the main tree in your town. Finally, Christmas is a holiday, which turns your regular weekend into a long one.

Some studies suggest that December 25 is not actually the DOB of JC. Is this important? Is your religion (or its abscence) important? Not at all. Chrismas puts all of us into good holiday mood. Crusades are forgotten, and today ‘s Christmas is represented by a kind looking Santa, twenty portions of Jingle Bells a day, Let it Snow and all other non-offensive stuff.

So Merry Christma-hanu-kwanza!

That ‘s all folks. The blog is ready. The subject is not well researched. But it ‘s an easy read and easy write.

Fine print: I blog over here on more serious and technical issues


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