This is a Conference 2.0. Really

Even though I write for Sys-Con, I ‘ve never publicly complimented them. But this time they really deserve a credit. Sys-Con will run an AJAXWorld 2007 conference in March. Usually, attendees have very limited access to speakers during conferences, and Sys-Con came out with a simple but smart idea – yesterday they have created a forum , where anyone can post questions to the conference speakers. And you do not even have to attend the conference to participate in this forum. It ‘s a very nice idea, or rather Idea 2.0.

Speakers should visit the forum and answer the questions to promote their sessions, and software developers will have a chance to correspond with well known people in the industry.

Yours truly will run Adobe Flex hands-on workshop during this event, so feel free to post relevant questions – it does not matter if you are planning to be there or not.

I ‘m sure, other event organizers will start copycatting Sys-Con, which is a win-win situation for everyone.


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