What an iPhone and a pretty girl have in common

I ‘ve heard about iPhone from my twelve year old son shortly after Steve Jobs had announced it. My son already wants it badly for his next birthday. He ‘s planning to save money…

The iPhone is probably the topic of the week in the blogosphere, and every blog has the same title, “O man, it ‘s so cool, I want it now “. I am a blogger too, and will join the crowd, but the title of my blog is a bit different. If you spent this week in the rain forest, deep in the coal mine, or in Turkmenistan, where only about 300 people have access to the Internet , you may not know that iPhone is a little thingy of the size of iPod that combines the iPod, cell phone with no keys, and an Internet browser. The software runs under the OS X system.

Steve Jobs did an amazing job with iPod and wants to pull it off again. Those people who had a chance to play with it often say “It feels amazing in your hand “. From a practical point of view, it may not make much sense to pay $600 for an advanced iPod with only 8Gb of space, and a phone services by Cingular, but I ‘m sure people will be camping out for several days by the stores when THE DATE will be announced. These annoying guys from Cisco sue Apple over the iPhone name , but Steve will give them some cash to make them happy.

And the reason is simple. People like nice looking and fashionable things, regardless of if it makes practical sense or not.

I see a clear analogy between why people will buy iPhone and why men like to date and marry pretty women. She looks so beautiful, everyone turn their heads when they see us, she ‘s blond, long legs, and she feels amazing in your hands…From the functional perspective she ‘s not the best choice – I ‘ve already hired a housekeeper and we are ordering Chinese or pizza every other day, but who cares – when I come home from work I ‘ll see her sitting on the couch in front of the TV in this mini skirt after visiting a beauty salon… She ‘s smiling at me….She ‘s ready whenever I am…And she ‘s mine…I ‘m in control…I ‘m the man!

That ‘s why people will go and purchase this pretty thing called iPhone. It does not matter that you ‘ll need to take a second mortgage on the house to get it – your bank offers installments… You want it, and you want it now. Consume!


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