Overpaid? Hardly.

This is a sequel to the blog called “Underpaid? Quit! “. Information Week magazine has published an article Is Exec Pay Excessive? The author answers, “Hardly “. I agree with him. Market always works correctly. If you are wondering why a policeman earns $50K annual salary while risking his life, the author explains, “…it just means that employers can find more of them at the pay they now earn “. Do you think it ‘s fair that a 20 year old basketball player (whose vocab is “Yo, man ” and 500 more words) earns 10 times more that the president of the USA? I think it ‘s fair because thousands of people are willing to pay big bucks for a game ticket when this Yo, Man is playing. He earns his salary. Big time! Do you think that his agent is overpaid? Hardly. Without his agent this superstar would still be playing in his neighborhood playground on weekends.

Or take Maria Sharapova. Does she earn her pay check? Absolutely! She ‘s pretty (by today ‘s norms) and technically she does not even need to play tennis. Maria can just wear these sexy Nike outfits, walk around the tennis court and scream once in a while. Trust me, men will keep purchasing tickets.

Do you think that your IT boss earns too much? I do not think so. Do you think that without you your project would fail? Do not think so. Why your boss is getting paid a lot more without knowing Java or C++? You boss has much more responsibilities than you do. Your boss is responsible for all mistakes you make. Your boss has a Blackberry, and only stupid people can think that this is a privilege. Your boss is on a leash 24×7. Ask yourself, do you think it ‘s going to be better if you ‘ll get a new boss? Still do not like your boss? Quit, and see if the new one will be better.

Do you think that they pay you too much? Hardly. You worth every penny you make today! And tomorrow.


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