Gorby begs Gates

Michail Gorbachev asks Bill Gates to help a modest school teacher from Russia in the accusation of the pirate use of MS Windows in school. In the unlikely event if you can ‘t read Russian, just take the text of this open letter to Bill Gates from Gorby ‘s fund, open Google Translate and read (Russian to English is still in beta, but you ‘ll get the point)

“Dear Mr. Gates, We greatly respect the labor of Microsoft programmers. Please do not send this teacher to Siberian prison camps. He ‘s purchased computers to the school where he ‘s teaching with pre-installed pirate Windows OS and now he ‘s facing … ”

Russia is one of the most rotten and corrupt countries in the world. Criminals are running this country, and now they found this poor teacher and want to send him to jail. This country is fucked up, big time. What a hypocrites!

This is the Reuters story and one more .


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