Well manners for boys

This Saturday I took my son to the class called “Well manners for boys ” – it took place in the local community college. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for this class to complete. The security guard, a retired police officer put it simple, “When I grew up, we did not study well manners. Our parents would kick us in the ass, and this was it. Left hook was the manners. Or a nun would twist your ear. It was better back then. ” I guess, the very fact that this class was scheduled was so unusual, the a pretty large newspaper Asbury Park Press has sent a journalist to write about this class. She asked me, “Why did you bring your son here? ” I told her that I ‘m here because American public schools do not teach it, and it ‘s a shame. I did not tell her that I hate the fact that kids here truly believe that sneakers is the the right footwear for all ocasions. I did not tell her that I hate to see ladies in expensive fur coats wearing sneakers (they ‘ve never attended the “Well manners for girls ” class). I did not tell her about stupit habbits of wearing baseball hats all year around, inside and outside the house. I did not tell her that when you bring your son to a fine restaurant he should not order a hamburger, french fries and coca-cola. I did not tell her that using a knife while eating is a must…

Take a look at the program of your local community college. You may be surprised by the variety of the classes offered. And they are cheap two. Six Yoga classes $89. Manners cost only $29 – can ‘t go wrong with this. This lady came for an Aroma Therapy lecture. And these people are here for the class called “eBay simplified “.

I ‘ve been watching people coming in and signing up for classes, and the most popular class in this college today was “How to become debt free “. The cop was greeting each person with the words, “So you want to be debt free, aha! “. Most of the students of this class were middle age women. Why are they here? Is this because of their husbands who wasted all family money? I wonder if people attending the eBay class will come back next year studying how to become debt free?

When my son came out of the class, I ‘ve asked him, “Tell me something that you ‘ve learned “. He slowly said, “Hello, My name is David. It ‘s nice to meet you “. He made a good eye contact and shook my hand exactly three times.

Then I asked him, “What part of the lesson was the most fun? ”

– “Leaving “.


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