Carcast #3: Summer Reading and Excitement in Programming

No, there is no reason to justify 2-3 hours in the car on commuting. I “m continuing finding a way to make this time productive by listening to podcasts, but here “s my third contribution to the movement “Commuters Unite! rdquo;

For this third carcast (listen to the MP3 here: yakov_carcast3_summer_read.mp3) I picked up the following topics:

1. Is there excitement in software development

2. Summer reading

a)Tuesdays with Morrie

b) Mythical man-month

c) Secret and Lies

d) Object-Oriented Analysis and Design With Applications, second edition

e) Eric Sink ndash; free eBook Business of Software

f) Java for Kids, Parents and Grandparents

g) Why Zebras do not get ulcer by Robert Sapolsky. Purchase used book at For example, today after listening to the recorded lectures by Robert Sapolsky I “ve got this book there for one penny plus $3.99 for shipping and handling. Here “s the copy of my order:

Order #:058-8168771-5950736 Shipping Method: Standard Shipping Subtotal of Items:$0.01 Shipping amp; Handling:$3.99 – Total for this Order: $4.00

Shipping estimate for these items: July 2,2007

“Why Zebras Don ‘t Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide To Stress, Stress Related Diseases, and Coping ( “Scientific American ” Library) ”

Robert M. Sapolsky; Paperback; $0.01

3. Listen to Robert Sapolsky:

4. UPS IT disappoints.

5. Leonard Cohen. If you haven not heard his music yet I envy you, cause I already did. These are the video clips with some of his great songs:

a) Dance me to the end of love

b) I “m your man

If you are over 30 and do not like this music, there is something wrong with you. Period.

Commuters, Unite! Let “s help each other. If you know of some interesting podcasts that can make commute less useless, please leave a comment to this carcast.


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