Carcast #4: My vacation notes and more

Here ‘s the link to the MP3 of my fourth carcast (this is how I call podcasts recorded while driving the car).

1. Safe places to live in Europe

2. New 7 wonders

3. Time magazine has published a list of top 50 Web sites . Surprisingly, Google is only 12th in the top 25 sites you can ‘t live without.

4. Some of the recent Larry King podcasts are available at CNN ‘s Web site.

For all CNN “s podcasts see this page

5. I am featured at Adobe developer Spotlight Web page. See for details.

I “m not sure why I was selected by Adobe, but thanks anyway.

6. An email from India

Hello Sir, This is Hemanth from India. It was about an year back that I had misused the content from your site without any knowledge of copyrights and directly placed the content in my website namely :

The reference to the discussion we had is in :

When I do a Google Search for my name this is the link that appears

Stolen Web Content []

Can you take back the charges and please get the link removed from the seaches. This is letting me down when people search for my Name in Google.

Thanking you,


7. Talking about missing deadlines. This is about Iraq (I made a mistake and named it Iran once during recording, but I meant Iraq there).

8. iPhone is out and I “ve played with it for five minutes.


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