Yahoo!s Babel Fish is lost in translation. Its just horrible!

When I found out that you can add a Yahoo! Babel button to your Web page to translate the text to several foreign languages, i decided to add it to my blog. Prior to Babel, I tried Google ‘s translator to see how it translates from English to Russian. Since it ‘s still in Beta, the quality of the translation has a lot of room for improvement. Ok, Beta is beta, so let ‘s wait.

Since Yahoo! does not mark their tool as Beta, I assumed that the quality of translation will be better. So I ‘ve decided to make the world a better place by offering to the mankind reading my pearls in their native language. Adding the translator ‘s button was easy, but when I tried to translate my blog about Flex class , the result of translation from English to Russian is just f ‘ng horrible! No, it ‘s not just bad, it ‘s absolutely useless.

Then, I took the same text and went to Google ‘s translator (in beta), which gave me some meaningful translation. It has mistakes, but at least a Russian-speaking reader can understand what is this blog about.

I ‘d really appreciate if you could translate the same blog to the language you know, and leave a comment here about the quality of Yahoo! Babel Fish vs. Google translator.


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