Starting my next Flex class at NYU in ten days

Time flies. This is already the third time that I ‘m going to teach a hands-on course Building Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex at New York University starting on October 25. I really like this class. It runs over five weeks on Thursday nights. As opposed to typical five-day-in-a-row enterprise training, this gives the students a chance to spend some time between the sessions, do some studying on their own and bring the right questions to the next session. By the end of this course the students build a FLex application that communicates with Java part deployed under Tomcat and with Yahoo! to grab some RSS data from there.

If this sounds interesting let ‘s spend these five evenings together in an NYU lab. Enrollment is opened to the public. Pre-requisites: understanding of Object Oriented Programming and basics of XML.

Disclaimer. I ‘m not getting paid based on the number of enrolled students, so this blog is not an infomercial but rather a friendly suggestion on how killing five evenings may possibly change your career and add some fun to your day-to-day coding routine. This course really worth the money, especially if you take into consideration that having a student card entitles you for purchasing Flex Builder license dirt cheap.


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