Ill be running public Adobe Certified FLex Training in NYC

I ‘ll be running public Adobe Certified Flex 2 training on November 26-30, 2007 in New York City. Talk to your boss and ask him/her to burn some training cash. You deserve it. Beside, if they won ‘t use this year ‘s training dollars, they ‘ll lose them anyway.

If you are an independent consultant looking to improve your marketability/rates, this class is a way to go. Back in 1998 decided to switch from PowerBuilder to Java, which was a pretty serious move. I ‘ve been working as an independent consultant, picked up a couple of books, did my HelloWorld and a little more. Learning syntax of yet another object-oriented language was not that hard, but I new exactly what I was missing – how these little pieces of information fit together. How one architects a distributed application, how programs that run on different tiers talk to each other, what are these applications server about… Everything was new to me. I was looking for someone who could have presented me with a big picture with gradual immersing into details. So, for $2500 I ‘ve enrolled into BEA WebLogic 5-day class. It was a lot of money, especially when you pay it out of your own pocket. But the instructor was good, and turned out to be a great investment. Java market was hot, and I landed a gig in a new to me language with 20% rate increase.

Today, if you are a Java consultant such as half of the Bangalore citizens, think a couple of steps further. Make a move to a field, which is not crowded. It ‘ll put on your table a nice loaf of multi-grained bread with French butter, a decent slice of wild salmon (farm-raised is for mainframe programmers), a teaspoon of black caviar, buffalo mozzarella with sliced New Jersey tomatoes, grilled rack of New Zeland lamb (please do not use vinegar, just some onion and herb seasonings), and a bottle of Belgium beer (I recommend Leffe Blonde). If you are still not convinced that it ‘s time to enroll into my class, here ‘s another reason: spend a week in Manhattan during the holiday season. Details at

See you in class.


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