Sara Jessica Parker should upgrade to Leopard

Remember Sex and the City? Sara Jessica Parker lays on the bed with her Apple laptop typing a column for the next issue of the magazine. This is when I started looking at Apple computers. Actually, let me put it this way, I started looking for a reason to purchase one for myself. I “ve got the money, but I needed a reason. The fact that Mac OS is very similar to Unix does not give me goose bumps. The fish-eye menus can be easily emulated on any Windows PC. Parallels, is a hassle.

I was always afraid of the fact that purchasing MacBook Pro, will start eating my time, which I do not have. I do not enjoy spending days on installing software. The laptop should not be on my way ndash; it has to be convenient an “invisible rdquo;. Need to install new software? OK, I “ve got a minute or two for this, but other than that hellip;just let me do my work.

But still, there is something called peer pressure. I often attend various conferences where these cool-looking presenters use Apple computers. Yes, it “s so cool hellip;Entire world is still in Windows, but they are ahead of this boring crowd with these slick white devices…

Now, the Leopard is out, and many geeks and hackers around the world are screaming that it “s cool. But if you spend a bit more time in the blogosphere, you “ll read about the pain people have to go through to upgrade to Leopard. But the real bummer is that Java 6 is not there. Who should we blame for it? Steve Jobs who openly states that nobody uses Java anymore? There are about 5 million professional Java developers around the world. Can you give them a good reason to buy MacBook Pro? I can “t.

What about the open-sourced Java? Theoretically, this should mean that the geeky Mac population will fix this issue pretty soon, but do not hold your breath. This will be a real litmus test for the Java community to show if open sourcing Java really matters.

So as of today, I “m not going to purchase the MacBook Pro just yet. It “s getting late hellip;let me call Sara and find out if she is flirting with Leopard yet.


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