American sketches: ER and neighbours

Sunday evening, my younger son comes to the kitchen complaining about the pain in the right part of his belly.We suspected appendicitis, but decided not to spend a night in the ER. Our next door neighbor is a physician who works in the ER. We did not even think of knocking at his door. America practices protective medicine, which means that a doctor ‘s main goal is not to get a law suit. We knew that he would not give us any advices other than going to ER.

Today, my wife went to our pediatrician, she also suspected appendicitis and told my wife to take my son to ER immediately. She did. To their pleasant surprise, they saw our neighbor in the ER. He gave her a warmest hug and a kiss (they did not talk to each other foe several years – this is how the neighbor live here. She was really happy to have an insider in the ER. He said to my son, “Do not worry, it ‘ll be fine “.

My wife recovered after the hug, and asked the physician, if he might have an idea what can be the diagnosis. He answered, “Do not worry, the nurse will tell you everything. ”

He was afraid to say anything even in ER! Hug and kiss do not mean anything, but he wants to stay out of troubled for giving the wrong advice. That ‘s why we did not even think to ask a neighbor physician for help in the first place. America 😦


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