The super bowl business

Today is a Super Bowl Sunday in the USA. A large portion of the population goes crazy. They pretend to be big fans of the teams. But actually, it ‘s just an occasion for a big party. Half of the people that will watch the game today do not really care about it. People are brainwashed so hard, that they believe that Bud Light is a beer. A thousand (!) private jets have landed with people that are attending the game. Vast majority of these people have not purchased the tickets – they were given the tickets (and a plane ride) by the corporate sponsors/bribers for being nice customers. Tickets are sold on eBay starting from $4000 a seat. The face value is $700, which means that if a couple wants to see the game at a stadium, they need to shell out $3K including plane tickets and lodging.

People who really like the game can only afford to see it on TV.

Have heard a commercial on the radio about “Super Bowl grand piano sale “. Visualize a group of people drinking Bud Light and pretending that they care about the game… During commercial, they will gather around a grand piano to listen to one of the fans playing Mozart.

Half of the people that are watching the game on TV are watching a well done commercials and entertainments (Jackson ‘s boobs) rather than a game itself…

What a fraud!


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