AJAX Cliffhangers

I always respected cliffhangers. Not because I want to become one, I just understand that it “s very difficult. Cliffhangers don “t try to make it look easy ndash; they openly admit that it “s hard, but this is what they like.

In software development there are different lobbies. There is this guy, he “s very experienced .Net developer. When we see each other, he behaves very aggressively trying to convince me that what he can do in .Net I can “t do in Java.

Ruby on Rails people are ready to kill anyone who says anything against their baby.

But AJAX developers are different. They always openly state that AJAX is difficult, and I respect them for this. If you are thinking of using AJAX for your next enterprise project, I urge you to watch the video of the presentation by Joseph Smarr, the Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo, Inc., where he ‘s led the engineering of Plaxo ‘s address-book integration application.

Joseph is very experience AJAX developer, and if after watching this presentation you won “t get goose bumps, go ahead and start your next RIA project with AJAX. Make sure that you can afford to hire a team of developers of Joseph “s caliber.

I respect AJAX developers, and will participate in the upcoming AJAXWorld conference next month in New York City.


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