Get at least six shots before presenting at a conference

In May, I “m going to India to present at a conference. Looking forward to see this country. Tickets are purchased. Need to get visa. I “m traveling a lot, and most of the countries allow US Citizen in without visas as the chances are slim that Americans will try seek political asylum anywhere else. Not a biggie ndash; as per the consulate Web page, this can be done by mail.

But hellip;I “ve learned that visa is peanuts comparing to what I need to do before visiting this beautiful country. I need to take vaccinations to avoid yellow fever, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Influenza, Polio, and Malaria. And getting these shots seems to be a lengthy process.Dr. Razavi is kind enough to describe the entire process of preparing for my short travel.

Another document states that if I do not I have these shots done, I may be placed for six days into some facility for quarantine or something.

It goes without saying that I should never drink water if it “s not commercially bottled. Ideally, I should not eat too to avoid severe diarrhea. In particular, I was told to never even try fish and dairy products (I like ice cream). Another advice was to take a bottle of vodka and drink a little bit of it daily to detox my body.

This business trip is slowly turning into a really interesting adventure hellip;


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