Random thoughts on the Green movement

Last week I noticed the signs “Are you Green? rdquo; all around the firm I work for. Two days ago someone put two specially produced plastic beverage cups with “Save the Planet. Reuse. Recycle rdquo; imprints. It was clear ndash; yet another Green campaign has been waged.

I like the planet Earth, and want it to be healthy. But mass-producing plastic cups does more damage to the planet. It seems that the main goal of the organizations that run these campaigns is to put a check mark next to the goal “Run the Green Campaign rdquo; and add an article to the PR section of their Web pages.

Yesterday, when I came home, my younger son proudly stated that he contributed to the “clean the Earth rdquo; movement. He took a garbage bag, went to a field that belongs to our town, and filled it with last year “s dead leaves and other nature “s garbage. I asked him, “Why did you have to go and clean that field? Look at our backyard ndash; we need some Spring cleanup badly! rdquo; I “m sure, he did not come up with this idea by himself. He “s got it from the public school he attends. I wonder if municipality workers ever thought of cleaning the abandoned land that belongs to the town? Wouldn “t this be the right way to help the Earth on their part?

Every week I throw in the garbage at least four pounds of junk mail and local paper filled with ads with the coupons and other stuff I do not need. I do not even open these letter and papers. Can you please stop wasting the Earth resources and polluting it by not printing and emailing all this garbage that I do not even open?

If I need to apply to your credit card, I know where to find you. If I want to donate I know how to find you. The last time we “ve bought something at Macy “s was about ten years ago. Why do you keep sending me your brochures if it “s obvious that I “m not shopping there? Macy “s, please help the planet Earth. Stop printing so many brochures and sending it to everyone who happen to visit your stores in the past. It ‘s not too easy to filter potential buyers? I know. It “s a lot easier to bombard everyone with your magazines.

Now the big ticket item ndash; the gasoline. Last week, the prices started to go up like crazy. Soon it ‘s going to be as bad as in Europe. I “m running a project for a company that “s located 60 miles (100km) from my house. This is 120 miles a day. Carpooling is not an option for me as I “m not employed by this firm, this is a short project, and no one I know lives in my area. Talking about polluting the plane Earth! If you care about the planet, enforce the rule in your firm: everyone MUST work at least two days a week from home. Not just allow to those who ask, but enforce it! Trust me, the planet Earth will really appreciate it.

The gas prices will keep going up making richer Mr. Chaves, Mr. Putin, and many Arab countries who are considered to be important while keeping majority of their population at the poverty level. The USA has a gasoline reserve that no one can touch. This may be the right policy. But why not helping the Earth for real? Why not build dozens of nuclear plants that produce the energy in a clean way? The answer is simple ndash; oil companies do not want it and will lobby in the Washington reminding bad Chernobyl experience. What a baloney!

Anyway, I am not green, because I do not like the way green campaign is being run.


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