Can you be a programmer: a logical test

Test to see if you should pursue software development career

Sometimes I hear statements like, “I do not want my child to be a software developer because s/he “s not too good in math. rdquo; This is a mistake. Software developer do not need to have any special math skills to be a programmer or software engineer. They should not have problems with arithmetic, I “ve offered a simple test in this area in my e-book “Enterprise Software Without the BS “.

They also should be able to think logically. And I “d like to offer you yet another quick test to see if a person can write computer programs.

In March, I spend a week vacationing on a large cruise ship called Adventures of the Seas from Royal Caribbean line. I took the photo shown below on the pool deck. If you are a programmer, you should be able to tell what “s wrong with this sign immediately. If you want to test someone who “s thinking of pursuing software development career, give him 60 seconds to answer (I “m being generous here).

Let me know the results of your tests.

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