Told Ya!

I know, it ‘s not nice and I should behave as if it ‘s not that important to me, but I can ‘t. During the last two and a half years I ‘ve been writing, openly speaking, whistle-blowing, and whispering that AJAX is a wrong way to go for developing rich Internet application. But 99% of the software developers were singing hosannas to AJAX.

Forrester was selling this 7-page report for $379, while I ‘ve written dozens of pages for free. But who am I! Forrester said that AJAX does your body good. The author of that report has published yet another article explaining when it makes sense to use AJAX. But it seems that Forrester is turning 180 degrees now.

Here ‘ a new 8-page report that costs only $775 titled “Ajax Disappoints Power Users Looking For Web 2.0-Style Business Apps “.

I wonder if people who purchased the first report are entitled for the money back even though they did not ask for it within three weeks from the date of purchase?

To Forrester recruiters: I am happy with my current employer.


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