Visiting India. Part 4. Bangalore is da man

Continuing my Indian notes hellip; I left Jaipur in the morning – my vacation part is over. Ram took me to the airport, and I gave him good tip for getting me safe and sound thought this Brownian motion called Indian traffic.

Up till now, I “ve been enjoying local beer produced by the company called KingFisher . But to live a little bit better than a beer producing company, KingFisher is abysele flying too. During security check-in, they “ve found and took away my bottle of Absolute ndash; it was almost full. No problem. I did not enjoy drinking warm vodka anyway, which reminded me of an old Russian joke:

A boss asks his subordinate,

“Vladimir, do you enjoy warm vodka and sweaty women? rdquo;

“Not at all rdquo;

“OK, your next vacation is in January rdquo;

If you “re born in America, you might not get this joke, assuming that ice and air conditioners were always available, but this was not the case in Russia. So trust me, this was and remains a funny joke.

The KingFisher “s aircraft was a new Boeing. Flight attendant s were Western looking young girls (no open bellies), the service was excellent. I do not remember any American airline that would offer you free food on a two hour flight. The aircraft made one short stop in Goa. I was looking in the window while the it was landing. The landscape is dramatically different. Green fields, a wide river, and an ocean with long sandy beaches. This could have been a great resort place, or is it?

It “s all upside down ndash; we fly south but go further from equator hence the temperature here is only 33 degrees Celsius.

The Goa-Bangalore leg is just one hour, but I already received yet another food menu. This airline will either go out of business or will start flying internationally.

Finally, I arrived to the city that looks like a city. No wonder that Western companies decided to settle down over here. I “ll try to help you to visualize this 3+ million people city.

Take Miami, Florida, get rid of the ocean, beaches, buildings that are more that 15 storey tall. Add more parks. When this is done, replace all girls wearing miniskirts and bikinis with people on motorbikes. Done? Now the last step ndash; eliminate all traffic police officers. Welcome to Bangalore!

Here “s the parliament building with engraved words ” Government Work Is God “s Work rdquo;. Sounds refreshing.

Coming back to the topic of a little extra income hellip; Here “s the front of the Maharaja summer palace (as per my taxi driver, Maharaja is the king of all India). According to my driver, prince lives there now.

There is a huge tent attached to the back of the palace where IBM runs some event under the logo “We are unstoppable rdquo;. It seems that they are, if they managed to rent a piece of the kings property and are partying there (loud music, DJ).

I “m wondering if IBM can pull this off in the Buckingham Palace in London? If so, they are unstoppable! Do you know if Prince Charles needs some extra cash?

It “s Wednesday morning. I “m sitting in a large auditorium. Jesse James Garrett will start his talk in a couple of minutes. Quiet Indian music plays ndash; the kind you hear during a relaxing massage in a good spa. Are they trying to put the speaker or the audience in nirvana? Will know tomorrow ndash; I have one of my presentation on this stage. In general, this conference is very well organized. Just one detail ndash; when was the last time when you “ve seen an American conference where wireless Internet actually worked?

I was pretty busy today- conducted a 3-hour Flex/Java workshop, and another one-hour session on picking the right technology for developing Rich Internet Applications. The next blog will be about the conference.

Falling asleep hellip;


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